Friday, March 8, 2013

FREEBIE ALERT! "The Chronicles of Good and Evil - Dracula's Lair" by C.. David Murphy

C. David Murphy's book The Chronicles of Good and Evil--Dracula's Lair, the first book in the Chronicles series, is free today, March 8, 2013, and tomorrow, March 9, 2013 through Amazon for your Kindle. I have linked to Amazon for you on the book's title above, as well as the cover image to the left, for your convenience.

I have this book, but haven't yet read it.  Some information about the book.

Dracula's Lair/The Dark Tower

the first book in the Epic Fantasy Trilogy

The Chronicles of Good And Evil

1450. Southwest Ireland. Daniel Milligan is born. And dies the same day. But his Life is not over. It's just beginning. And he's not a Vampire. Daniel Milligan has become an Angel. And a Warrior. The 13th in an elite legion of Angels. With a life and death mission: The preservation of Good and the death of Evil.

Their foe is the essence of evil incarnate. Satan. The Devil himself. Now allied with Dracula. Not Bram Stoker's monster of Legend, Folklore and Myth, but the real flesh and blood creature. Will the Supernatural powers of their massed army of Demons, Werewolves and Vampires enable them to rule the World?

Earth's landscape is soon to be reshaped. But for good? - Or evil? Magic and Wizards are powerless. Evil lingers in the abyss of night. And only the Epic Quest of Daniel and his Angel Warriors can challenge it.

But Daniel is torn between the family he never knew - and his duty to all mankind. Thrust into an unknown Paranormal World and time where the line between Fantasy and reality is vague - Daniel must choose between his Human family and his duty to all Humanity.

In the darkest tower of Dracula's castle - an apocalyptic battle will decide the fate of all mankind. There can be only one victor. One who will write the final chapter in the Chronicles of Good and Evil.

Praise For Dracula's Lair/The Dark Tower

"The American Tolkien has arrived" - Publishers Newsletter

"Judging from this book 'The Chronicles of Good And Evil'seems destined to be one of the best fantasy series ever written.” - New York Book Salon

"If you can put this book down - check for a pulse!" - MustRead Reviews

"C. David Murphy has created a highly imaginative yet believeable Fantasy World that pulls us relentless into it's orbit like a paranormal black hole" - Post Tribune Reviews

"This Author is a poet. Who tells a story with prose." - Readers Choice Journal

"The unavoidable (and valid) comparisons with Tolkien not withstanding, Mr. Murphy has elevated the great Epic Fantasy tradition by several stratospheres. His characters pulse with authenticity. His multi-layered scenario entices us with every sentence. His vivid prose takes us prisoner. Willingly. Appreciatively." - Lawrence Stanford - Criterion Reviews.

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