Tuesday, March 19, 2013

FREEBIE ALERT plus: "Should I Fight or Flight? New Adult" Guest Post by Matthew Turner

There's a new kid in town going by the name NEW ADULT  - have you heard of it by chance?
If you have then you're probably aware of a few things:
1. It's full of female writers
2. It's very romance centric
3. It's been termed as smut for teenagers and steamy young adult

It might be strange to learn, then, that a man's trying to break into this genre and convince people it's good idea. Never one for conforming, I'm doing just that - my name is Matthew Turner and I'm embarking on a campaign called The New Adult Man

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
This week my debut novel, Beyond Parallel is FREE (18/03/2013 - 22/03/2013), the reason being to show that MEN can be part of this wonderful New Adult World, too. I see great potential in this genre, and although I have absolutely nothing against romance or steamy sex scenes, I think limiting NA to this would be like limiting YA to vampires and wizards.
New Adult is about the young life, it's about a world away from the teenage years but before the real world hits, and it's about going through issues that those young folk know oh so well: careers, love, commitment, new beginnings, leaving old one's behind, friends, family, etc, etc.
Although trying to break into a genre full of romance may be hard, I honestly believe this is the home for my writing. No other book I write will be like Beyond Parallel, but my general style is to craft stories that focus on very real issues - for the most part those we go through when we're still coming-of-age.
During the writing process I worried where my book fit, but as soon as I found New Adult I knew I'd found home. The only issue was, was it ready for me?

Overcoming Adversity
There once lived a man who appeared in Titanic, appeared on every pre-teen magazine cover around, and was generally seen as an adorable sex symbol rather than an actor. I for one hated Leonardo DiCaprio, but I can't say the same these days.
Today he's one of my favourite actors because he's shown himself to be amazing.
That's the strange thing about perceptions and assumptions. They're so important, but they can easily change over time. Apple were once seen as Microsoft's geeky little brother, but is today the coolest, most successful brand around. Fashion, too is a great example. What's cool one minute isn't the next.
At the moment outlets like ABC News have painted New Adult with a particular brush, but that doesn't mean it will be like this forever. I believe New Adult fulfils a genuine need, but like most things in life it has to mature and earn it's stripes.
This is what I hope The New Adult Man Campaign achieves. Beyond Parallel is set around relationships, but isn't overly romantic. It's about the young life, a world after college, and a time when you can achieve anything.
For me, this is what New Adult is all about.

Will You Spread The New Adult Love?
I hope you'll download Beyond Parallel for FREE, but before that I hope you'll give New Adult a chance. Head to Goodreads and find a few books you think you might like, give them a read, and try and discover what New Adult means to you.
There's so much talent out there and the limits to what NA can achieve is infinite. I hope you'll uncover, discover, and share the love...
Should I Fight or Flight? Heck, the easy thing would be to flight I guess, but I have no plans to do this. In a year's time I hope I'll be one of many male writers happy to fit into the genre, and not only will journalists be happy to spread the word, they'll spread a varied and eclectic one - a word that helps everyone appreciate what New adult is really about.
It's about the young life. Are you on board? >>> JOIN The Party HERE
Matthew Turner - author of Beyond Parallel

Matthew Turner is a Male New Adult Writer who's debut novel, BEYOND PARALLEL is FREE all week (18/03/2013 - 22/03/2013). 
The New Adult Man Campaign is geared toward exposing this great new genre and showing that men can play a part too. JOIN THE FACEBOOK EVENT and help spread the word, discovering some great New Adult reads along the way. 

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