Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Why this week will also be quiet here on Now is Gone

As most of you know, I'm normally quite firm on my "no editing on weekends" rule, because I have so much reading and reviewing to do, but I heard from one of my authors today that she's just received her book back from the proofreader and has scheduled it for formatting next week, and needs me to do a second pass... this weekend.

So, I fully expect to finish the manuscript I'm editing tonight and had planned to do Randy Attwood's Then and Now: the Harmony of the Instantaneous All during the rest of the week, in preparation for offering it as POD (Print on Demand). (Awesome book, by the way - you can read my review, written about a year ago, here if you are curious.) Well, due to my myriad health issues, I simply cannot work two weeks' solid, which is what it would end up being if I did all of this, so unfortunately Randy's book will be somewhat delayed so I can take a couple days off before working on this other book this weekend, which I'm only doing because it is so urgent and I know I need to look at it again.

However, I started re-reading Sunset, the first book in the Pact Arcanum (wonderful books, sort of a sci-fi/Urban Fantasy mix; review of this first one here and the rest can be found everywhere I could find to post them at the time), Sunday night when I went to the ER, expecting the sort of wait time I normally get in those places, but this 3rd edition is very expanded and I'm only at 31 percent. So, I'll be trying to finish that book tomorrow, and then will have only a couple days to read before hitting the grindstone for probably six or seven days straight.

This is problematic, because I have a crapton (metric, not Roman) of books to get read before Samhain, but I need the money I get from editing to make sure all the bills stay paid. So, anyone expecting reviews, I'm doing my best, but things ... are.... slowing..... down. Sorry.

We'll hope to get back on-track with the reviews soon.  Meanwhile, if you want to relieve my stress, Paypal donations are happily accep-- ACK!! *gets dragged offstage by cane hooked around neck*

*runs back onstage* Seriously, I do apologize about the continuing slow-down on my reviews. I've just had a huge glut of editing lately, between new manuscripts and second passes. I'm hoping to get one free week in October to try to catch up a little bit.

You guys are all the greatest! Thanks for your continuing support.


  1. Sorry to hear about it. I've been bogged down too, so understand. Good luck and get feeling better.

    1. Thanks, Weston - I'd be in even worse shape if it weren't for you! You rock! (and if I have a breakdown, I'm sending everyone to you...)


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