Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday

Welcome to Tell Me Something Tuesday, a weekly meme hosted by Cambria Hebert. If you decide to join in, be sure to go by her post and link up with Mr. Linky! In her own words:
Welcome to my weekly meme Tell Me Something Tuesday where I ask you something and you tell me the answer!! It’s as simple as that and I thought it would be a great way for all of us bloggers to get to know one another! So this is how it works: I post a question here on my blog and then i give my answer. I invite all the bloggers to take the question and post it on their blog with their answer and we can hop around and see what everyone says! If you are a blogger don’t forget to leave your link at the bottom of this post! If you aren’t a blogger – that’s okay too!! Leave your answer in the comments section!

Tell Me Something:

In honor of fall and my favorite month (October) tell me what you love best about Halloween and fall. Feel Free to post pictures! Do you plan to dress up for halloween? If so, what would you be? If not when was the last time you dressed up and where were you?

My answer: When I lived up North, Autumn was my favorite time of year. I loved the crunchy dead leaves, the wonderful scent of dead leaves and burning leaves and the crisp nip of the chill air on my skin.

Of course, down here in the South, the Autumn doesn't properly start until it's practically winter, so it's just not the same. But I love Samhain - it's my favorite Holy Day - and I love the Halloween season. I used to go out on November 1 and find little witches on clearance and bring them home. I realized the other day that I haven't done that in years. I usually don't dress up, but a few years ago I got a wild hair and dressed up ... well, see for yourself:

Now THAT was freakin' scary! No one actually came by, but I did scare the little girl next door when I went out to get the mail that night...

Hold on, let's put something a little nicer on here - how about my husband? He's a handsome bloke. This is one of his favorite costumes

Much better!

Here's Cambria again!
NOTE: this is the LAST Tell me Something Tuesday until November. I will be back with a new banner and all new questions. If you have some you would like me to ask email me via the contact form on this website. Don’t worry I have many posts planned for this blog in Oct so I will still be around so I look forward to seeing you all in Oct!!!!

There is no question to grab but I will post the first Question for November on this blog the last week of Oct to make it easy for everyone.


  1. I totally agree that living in south is a lot different in the fall. When i lived in the south Autumn was the thing i missed most about the north. It goes from hot to cold there thwn back to hot... I never cared for that. Lol. Your costume was scary!!! That poor girl next door! Lmao! But hey it aas a good costume And i loved your husbands costume too! You guys are good dresser uppers! (is that a word?) anyway, happy fall and maybe this year u can go buy a witch!

    1. Meh, I'm not much of a dresser-upper, but my husband is great. Before he started doing his Clockwork Orange thing, he would wear a kilt and paint himself blue... it was great! Heh.

      Maybe this year I can, since we're doing better than we have in several years. We're not comfortable, but at least we're mostly keeping the bills paid, so that's something...


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