Monday, September 17, 2012

Review: Miami Spy Games

Miami Spy Games
Miami Spy Games by Armand Rosamilia

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Info: Genre: Spy/Techno-thriller Reading Level: Adult Recommended for: Fans of dark urban fantasy, spy thrillers, zombies, techno-thrillers

Disclosure: I received this Amazon eBook as a gift from Vincent Hobbes of Hobbes End Publishing (the publisher) in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis: Miami, 2012. A new gun has made its way from a Russian science lab to the streets of Miami—a gun that destroys the executive functioning power of the brain, turning people into zombie-like beings. 

The Miami Asymmetrical Clandestine Elite Service (ACES) team must intercept these weapons before they arrive at their intended destination. 

Follow the Miami ACES team in their thrilling adventures in this new series.

My Thoughts: Inspired by actual events. That mention, at the beginning of the book, and the snippets of newspaper headlines, chilled my blood. Then I fell into this amazing story and barely breathed until I finished it.

Rosamilla and Waters have a real gift for description, characterization, and exciting plot flow. This is a short story, but I still got a firm grasp on the world, the characters and the plot in the short time given. I especially like the interactions between Kostas, Mike and Jennifer, along with whom I was frequently rolling my eyes at Kostas’ antics. I really liked Mike, too, and couldn’t help but sort of like Ozzie/Oliver as well, despite what a tool he was.

This novella is superbly edited, so kudos to Hobbes End for that. I am definitely immediately adding the rest of this series (as currently available) to my wishlist and watching for future episodes. I should point out that these stories are being written by various people, and the next story in the series is San Diego Spy Games: 1967 – The Saga Begins by AK Waters and Nathan Palmer.

I have a few other books by this Rosamilla in my wishlist; he’s one I’ve been interested in for awhile, and if this is any example of his writing, I’m doubly interested in them. I’ll be sure to let you know when I get a few more, and will review them no matter how I acquire them.

I highly recommend this book if it sounds like the sort of thing you would like. I enjoyed it immensely, and thanks to Mr. Hobbes for gifting me this copy so I could read it. I’m totally hooked on the Spy Games!

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