Saturday, September 15, 2012

Short bit of info

Hello, followers - there are now over 100 of you, which makes me so happy! Welcome to the new followers! As those who have followed me know, I do not normally post "what's up with me" blogs. However, you've probably noticed the lack of reviews recently - usually by Saturday night I've reviewed 2 or 3 books for the weekend, yet there hasn't been a review posted since... Wednesday! Oh, dear... and after all those posts on Monday... Well, the good news is that I have a few things lined up over the next couple of days, and another giveaway either Monday or the next Monday, depending on what I feel like doing, plus the ending of my current giveaway...

But why haven't I been reading/ reviewing? Well, actually, I have been reading - I started the very fun Ameca J and the Revenge of Rex-Ultar on Friday evening. I'm close to finishing, so you can expect a review on that one tonight sometime, but ...

I had a very busy week. I edited Scott Rhine's latest upcoming book in the Temple of the Traveler series - it still needs to go through Beta reading, so it could be over a month before it's out, but I think it'll be wonderful. Just for fun, I found this entertaining color-awareness test on-line that my followers might have fun taking, to see how good their color vision is. Then I edited a vampire romantic suspense book for Debra Martin. Then I did a second pass on Scott's book again... by then, it was the middle of Friday morning and I was exhausted and I fell down and didn't move for 13 hours. So, I got a much later start than normal on my weekend to begin with.

Then, for those who don't yet know it, I've been having trouble seeing. In my right visual field, there is a band of black blotches that interfere with my ability to see out of my right eye. It's kind of like this -->
Not only is it distracting, but it's giving me headaches. So, I again spent over 10 hours today resting my eyes, trying to sleep, doing absolutely nothing. Between them, the last two days, the time I've spent sleeping I could have easily read another two books, maybe more, but ... as you can imagine, I'm just not feeling up to it. Edit: I neglected to mention this, but I have been to see an ophthalmologist and there is nothing wrong with my retina. The problem is something else, and I plan to go to the ER Sunday night unless things change.

Then, of course, when I log in, I have lots of email to clear out before I can get back to anything else. So, there you have it. Next week will probably be similarly busy, but I do have a few things lined up for you. There will be an exciting cover reveal on Monday; a blog tomorrow about women, if I can think of something, and who knows what else I will come up with! I have upcoming giveaways for a number of excellent and exciting books as well, so stay tuned - while I usually start giveaways on Mondays, at least one will be breaking that pattern in October!

And now - a kitty. Until next time!

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