Monday, September 17, 2012

Bloodsucking parasites...

So, I was really hungry and had already eaten the last orange and didn't feel like fighting over a piece of cheese with my cats, so I used some of my editing fees to order a Gyro Wrap (tm) sandwich delivered.

 While I was waiting, I noticed a mosquito landed on my hand and decided that, since she was a mother and all, I'd just let her feed. It was quite fascinating, really. I saw her go from this -->

To this v

At which point I gently blew on her to get her to fly away - at that point she was just being greedy and probably would have ended up like that down there if I hadn't shooed her away.

This does not mean I'm going to go soft on fleas, however; I see one of those things and manage to catch it, it's getting itself squished.

Happy Monday!  And watch out for those bloodsucking parasites, no matter what type they are!

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