Monday, August 6, 2012

Shadow Sight Giveaway winners

The Shadow Sight giveaway has ended, and thanks to all of you, it was my most successful giveaway ever! The winners are *drumroll please*

First prize - ebook, sticker and postcard: Sarah Dixon
Uannounced Surprise Prize - ebook and signed postcard: vampiremistress2010
Second prize - ebook: Stefan Yates
Third prize - Swag! Sticker and postcard: Kimber Shook
Fourth prize - Swag! Sticker OR postcard: Gabrielle M.

I have sent out emails to the winners - please note that EJ Stevens is AFK early this week, but I'll forward your information once received to her and she'll get your ebooks and/or swag off to you later this week.

Thanks to the many folks who signed up - I'll have another giveaway going next week, so be sure to drop by again!


  1. Thank you so much and congrats to the other winners too!

    1. You're welcome! I hope those who didn't win it here will still go grab it - it's a really good book!

  2. Hi, Katy. I just dropped by to thank you for that double sale you were talking about on my blog earlier. Thanks so much. My hope is to dabble with Amazon for a while and then get the novel back up everywhere. I never intended to be full-Indie, but now that I am I plan to take advantage of the opportunity.
    I know what you mean about TBR piles. They can be huge. For safety sake, please remember to stand a full ten feet away, lest it fall on you. ;) When you do read, read the Amazon version. I went over that with a fine-toothed comb last month and feel it's so much stronger than it was originally.
    Take care. Oh! You'll see I'm following you here now. Can't believe I hadn't done that before. Bad Jimmy! *slaps hand*


    1. Okay, I'll do my best to remember that, although when you re-upload it to Smashwords I may re-download an epub of it; we'll see :-) Thanks for following - feel free to ramble around in here when you have time!


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