Saturday, August 18, 2012

Review: Telepath

Telepath by Jolea M. Harrison

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Info: Genre: Science Fantasy Reading Level: Young adult

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis: A ruthless killer hunts them. He’ll stop at nothing to see his vision fulfilled and his hunger satiated. He has the ability to seek them out through the power of his mind, on the barest strand of thought. If he finds them, he will consume their souls.

Dynan and Dain Telaerin are forced into exile, unable to stay in one place for long. They set out on a journey of survival, barely staying a step ahead of their enemies while they must build an attack force large enough to defeat the massive Cobalt military and retake the throne of their father. They must find a way to increase their telepathic abilities to defeat the greatest evil the Kingdoms have ever known that follows an evil design and seeks to destroy the world.

But nothing is at it seems, and a single mistake could mean death where both must live.

My Thoughts: This is the third book in the Guardians of the Word series; there are currently five books available in this series: Chosen, Myth, this one, Legend and Union, with three more to come. The previous book, Myth, left off on a cliffhanger, so I was anxious to get reading on this one.

This book again has a high action level; the characters are on the move and going from one crazy situation to another throughout the whole book. It also takes place over the course of a number of years, unlike the two earlier books, which took place over not quite a year (the first book) and just a few months (the 2nd). It might seem a bit odd that the 2nd book, which has an overall slower pace, should take place over a shorter period of time, but in the 1st book there was a long time frame taken over with Dain and Dynan recovering from their various injuries.

That said, this book continues a downward spiral of sorrow and despair. While giving some idea of it wouldn’t be too much of a spoiler, if you have already read the synopses for the upcoming books, I’ll leave this vague just to be safe. The events of the latter part of the book weren’t unexpected, as the foreshadowing was there, but the letter just broke my heart. You’ll see when you get there. It was a strong, emotional punch in the gut – very well done. Highly recommended.

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