Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Demon Days" by R.S. Finney currently free on Amazon

Demon Days is a book I received from Mr. Finney's publisher last fall, a copy I was sent to read and review. That review can be read here.

It is currently free on Amazon (just click on the book's title to take you there. Since this is a price-match, there is no guarantee how long this ebook will remain free, so grab a copy while you can!


  1. Got it! thanks for sharing the freebie news.

  2. I got my copy, too. Thanks, Katy.


  3. Thank you so much for the heads up on the free books!
    I am on disability and love reading, so I am checking everyday for great sounding books that appeal to me, yet since I can't afford them, I am grateful for all the book bloggers out there that give paupers like me heads up to check them out to see if I would like to get them.
    Please never stop, generosity is very rare this day in age, and when it is given, the giver will be blessed for the recipient will show kind.

  4. You're all very welcome! In fact, I was just about to post some information about some upcoming freebies, so be sure to watch for it. TuRtLe, I know EXACTLY your feelings, as I'm the same way. Another way to keep up on this is to watch what I post as "to read" on my Goodreads account, as I tend to grab multiple freebies every day on Amazon. I just grabbed a very interesting one called "The Destiny of Shaitan" by Laxmi Hanharan, and another called "The Canker Death" by James R. Bottino, both free on Amazon today!


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