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Review: Prayers To Broken Stones: A Collection

Prayers To Broken Stones: A Collection
Prayers To Broken Stones: A Collection by Dan Simmons

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Note: This review originally written and posted to Amazon 8/11/2006; please do not judge based upon my current format.

Prayers to Broken Stones review: Dan Simmons weaves a web of words into a dream-like trance in this collection of short stories

This book is a collection of short stories by Dan Simmons (Song of Kali, Hyperion) with a foreward by Harlan Ellison. Each story has a unique voice (although all the science fiction stories seem to take place in the same universe) and they are gem-like in their brightness - characterization, description, voice, all is exquisite, bringing you into these little worlds and opening your eyes to sometimes strange and twisted landscapes.

My only complaints are copy-editing nitpicks - for instance, if something needs oil, it creaks, it doesn't creek. When someone agrees with a statement given, particularly during a toast, they say "Hear, hear!" not "Here, here!" Those sorts of things. Also, the plural of bus is buses!!! "Busses" is "kisses." I kid you not - look it up and make fun forever more in the future when you see signs at drive-throughs and restaurants that say "busses welcome."

But that aside, this collection of short stories is amazing. I read it much more slowly than is my wont, as it must be supped and savored like a fine wine - not guzzled like a brew. Enjoy it!

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