Sunday, July 1, 2012

Smashwords Summer Sale begins TODAY!!

I know that you, like me, like to support indie publishers and help to do our bit to keep Amazon from taking over the world. Therefore, I love Smashwords and do everything I can to support the site and those who use it. Smashwords regularly offers a number of ebooks for free, but nothing can beat their summer sale event, when authors from all over dramatically slash their prices and let you, the reader, pick up lots of books at a great price! This year's sale runs from today (July 1) through the end of the month, July 31.

Three authors have approached me to let you, my devoted readers, know that they are offering their books for sale, ranging from free to 25% off. So, I am providing links and pimpage for my pals Daniel Black, Barbara G.Tarn (AKA Unicorn Productions) and Randy Attwood!

You may remember my reviews of Daniel Black's first two books in the Saga of the New Gods series, Be Careful What you Wish For and The Horror of Magic, and that I recently offered the first for a giveaway here. I read and reviewed the first book, then offered to edit it for him, and also edited the second book, so you know they'll be edited well :-) Daniel tells me book 1 will end up free, and book 2 will be 25% off; these are really fun books about what might happen if magic became alive again in the world - dark, but lots of humor, too!

Barbara G.Tarn, under Unicorn Productions,

offers a variety of books in both Italian and English. I have edited a couple of her books (and will do more before the year is ended) and read a couple more, and they're really fun. Her Silvery Earth books are a wonderful fantasy world that is beautifully developed and just all-around enjoyable to read. Barbara will have more information about her sales in her blog, Creative Barbwire, later on this week. Meanwhile, feel free to browse her available books and see what you find to strike your fancy!

And now we come to Randy Attwood, last but certainly NOT least in my affections!

I have read every single book and story he has available out there (and one he doesn't yet have available to you nyah nyah!) and just loved every single one! You won't find all my reviews on Smashwords, unfortunately, because they won't allow folks to review a book they haven't purchased there, but you CAN find my reviews on his Goodreads pages for his books, so feel free to check there if you want to read my opinion (which, as you know, is better than yours laugh)! I've also posted most of them here on my blog. He offers 12 of his 13 stories on Smashwords. Ten of those works will be listed at 20% off; you should just go ahead and buy the rest of them while you're buying, 'cause they're totally worth it!

Now, there are lots of other great books on sale at Smashwords this month, but those are the only three folks who talked to me about featuring them on my blog, and it's just as well, 'cause you know how wordy I can be when I get going! So, check out your own favorite writers as well when you're there, and if they don't offer their books at Smashwords, go pester them about doing so!


  1. Actually mine are all 50% off, which means many are going free and the most expensive is 2,50$! :-D
    Thanks, Katy!

  2. Thanks for the heads up, Katy. Would it be inappropriate for me to mention I have all of my titles available for $.99 at Smashwords, no coupon required? This event happens to coincide with my one-year anniversary of being a self-published author.


    S.L. Madden

    1. Oh, that's awesome! No, not at all - please mention away! Folks, S.L. Madden has some great books out there, and I've reviewed a few of them for him already (and plan to review the rest soon), so you can feel free to check out my reviews of "The Four-Year-Old Guardian" and "Ascension" on Goodreads or Amazon or Shelfari; whatever floats your boat! I loved them, and I'm sure I'll love "The Shadow Walker" and "Bravado/Dramatique" (which is the sequel to "The Four-Year-Old Guardian"). 99 cents is a steal for that much entertainment!


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