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Great Minds Think Aloud: Doug Lucas books on Amazon

Author: Doug Lucas

Titles: Buzz Words, Conversations With a Dead Man, Forgotten, The Man in the Mountain

Date: July 2nd – 4th

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Links: Buzz Words
Conversations with a Dead Man
The Man in the Mountain

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Doug Lucas
After retiring from the Marines I went to work for the Pennsylvania State police as a Forensic Photographer. I liked that job a lot because it was, for the most part, very quiet and peaceful—you might say dead-end. After working at that for a few years I became interested in Forensic video analysis. I think my main reason for interest in that field was as a way of proving to my father I could make a living watching television.
I am now totally retired from all forms of work, with the exception of those small requirements my wife now inflicts on me—tasks preformed for little or no pay, I might add. My lovely and gentle wife added to this blend of joy and frustration by acquiring an attack dog for home security. Very few people have the slightest conception of the sense of failure a former Marine achieves as he walks behind a six pound miniature Yorkshire Terrier, appropriately named Trouble.
With the profits from my book sales, I hope to be able to afford a “pooper scooper.”
To learn more about Doug, please visit the following links.
Great Minds Think Aloud
Conversations With A Dead Man
A stroll through an old cemetery will reveal very little about the people buried there. Their headstones will whisper of father, wife or lost child----but they don't sing of the lives those men and women led. Even our national heroes are lucky to have one or two of their life's accomplishments inscribed on their markers for future generations to marvel at. Once we are dead and gone, our lives quickly fade into small morsels of oral history and are slowly forgotten by family and friends as time and generations pass.
What would these forgotten souls tell us if they could talk? Conversations With a Dead Man answers some of those questions from a dead man's point of view. John Wesley Elder will share his loves, failures, accomplishments and the simple life he led with you.
Publication Date:Mar 24 2012 ISBN/EAN13:1469971232 / 9781469971230 Page Count:234 Binding Type:US Trade Paper Trim Size:6" x 9" Language:English Color:Black and White Related Categories:Fiction / Historical
Available at CreateSpace and Amazon
The Man In The Mountain
For most of us, we have mental pictures of just what and how our favorite authors live. Their lives must be far richer and more interesting than ours, because they have the ability to engage our minds and thrill our souls with their visions of what life was, is or could be. Poets entice us to spend an hour On Walden's Pond, historians teach us the lessons of The Rise and Fall of The Roman Empire, theologians interpret The Last Days of Christ for us, and humorist show us The Redneck Dictionary is really us as others see us. We think we know these word smiths, those tellers of tales who will join, entertain and instruct us with the turn of a page or the touch of a screen. But what would happen if a group of people found themselves in a real life web of entanglement and relied to one degree or another on their favorite author? Would those solutions rendered in print, meet their needs or fail without aiding them as they sought solutions to their own drama? Another small question might concern some of our favorite authors, would they meet our mental image of who they really are? I invite you to spend some time with me and explore these questions, as you touch the screen or turn the page.
Publication Date:Mar 24 2012 ISBN/EAN13:1470053209 / 9781470053208 Page Count:210 Binding Type:US Trade Paper Trim Size:6" x 9" Language:English Color:Black and White Related Categories:Fiction / Crime
Available at CreateSpace and Amazon
Historical fiction has a foundation of truth but that truth is often shrouded in fiction. Some claim that only time and distance can separate the two. We have all lived through events that have shocked or changed our nation. But do we remember? Ask yourself or a friend what date any of these events happened on, see if you or they can give the exact date or even some of the facts surrounding any of these or other major past events of your lifetime.
23 October 1983 is one of those forgotten events. One of those events where we felt we knew all the facts and then it was quickly forgotten. I ask one simple question---"Do you really know all of the facts?" There are hundreds of these events, forgotten by all but those who lived them.
I invite you to read "Forgotten", separate the history from the fiction. Another term to remember would be "Plausible Deniability", facts that did happen are handled in a manner that allows them to be denied by those who caused them to happen. Separating plausible deniability from fiction can be almost impossible. At times this is by design of those who use the term.
When you've finished reading this "Historical Fiction", ask yourself if you have forgotten.
Publication Date:Apr 05 2012 ISBN/EAN13:1475157347 / 9781475157345 Page Count:248 Binding Type:US Trade Paper Trim Size:6" x 9" Language:English Color:Black and White Related Categories:History / Military / Veterans
Available at CreateSpace and Amazon
C.W. Burwell was a shadow person. One who met all of the requirements officers seek when they need a staffer from the shadows to process forensic evidence. He's just as driven and dedicated as the men and women he worked for.
C.W. is also snoopy, very married and retired. Retirement allows him to pursue two goals that he has set for himself, much to the shock of his wife and their bank account.
In an effort to give something back not only for law enforcement, but to fill a personal goal of his own, he buys the equipment of his trade and sets up shop. He offers his skills to small departments in an effort to help them process some of their evidence quicker. He also wants to train one or two officers in his field to aide and assist those small departments.
This is the very thing that will force him to reopen an investigation that has haunted him and one of his friends.
Publication Date:May 27 2012 ISBN/EAN13:1477553800 / 9781477553800 Page Count:386 Binding Type:US Trade Paper Trim Size:6" x 9" Language:English Color:Black and White Related Categories:True Crime / Murder / Serial Killers
Available at CreateSpace and Amazon

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