Monday, July 23, 2012

Elizabeth Lang Presents: The Empire Novels

I read Elizabeth Lang's Empire in April (review here) and really enjoyed it. She has now released the second book in the series, The Rebels, and has them both available on both Amazon and Kobo.
 Links: Empire on Amazon and Kobo
          The Rebels on Amazon and Kobo

The third book in the series, The Andromedans, is scheduled for release sometime this winter. Ms. Lang has just approached me to review the 2nd book, which I'll be getting to later this summer or in the early fall, and sent me a copy of this nifty poster, which I'm sharing with permission. Anyway, this is a fun military sci-fi/space opera series, so be sure to check it out! you can get to her page to learn more by clicking on the poster, so I've made things super easy for you, so go!

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