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Review: Native Soil

Native Soil
Native Soil by Phaedra Weldon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh no, I posted the wrong review before - My apologies, I've been distracted by the numerous attacks upon me the last few days. Here is the right one.

Book Info: Genre: Urban Fantasy Reading Level: Adult

Disclosure: I received an ebook copy of this novella from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis: A week before Halloween, Jason's ex-girlfriend discovered what he was. She believed his blood could give her eternal youth and beauty. But when Jason refused her, she attacked him and drank from him. But those who drink from a Revenant without that bonding become Ghouls. 

And the humans that drink from Ghouls become…


Before Jason could end his ex-girlfriend's life as a Rogue Ghoul, and stop the bloodshed she'd begun, Rene visited the new love in his life, Christina, and forced her to drink from her, thus making her into what the Revenants call a Lamia. 

Lamias obey the command of their makers, and the last thing Rene told her little toy was to destroy Jason Lawrence's life. Seek out and kill the ones he loved. Make him pay. 

Christina finds herself on a plane to Atlanta, Georgia, where the monster blood inside of her takes control before Jason can find her. Will Jason and his Ghoul, Nick Shay, along with help from an old family friend, Rhonda Orly, be able to stop Christina before she kills? 

Read Native Soil, the first of the Revenant Novellas from Caldwell Press. The prelude story, Ghoul, has been included in this edition

My Thoughts: Ah-HAH – if you want to read Ghoul, its included in this edition! Wish I’d known that before I read it separately; I really need to learn to do some research before jumping into things. Fortunately, you now know, by reading my review, what not to do while reading this series!

I have to to go to the Vortex; it sounds awesome! There are so many interesting-sounding locations that Ms. Weldon uses in her books, it makes me want to further explore Atlanta.

I’m trying to think of the number of times that Zoe has commented on how short Rhonda is; in fact, a couple of times, Zoe claims that Rhonda is “at least a foot” shorter than she is, at 5’8”. In this book, we learn that Rhonda is, in fact, about 5’7”, which is not much shorter than Zoe herself, so what’s up with Zoe’s skewed perception??

I’ve notice that, like Holly & Ivy, the editing isn’t so good in this one. I’m only on page 14 and have noticed several misuses, including “they’re” for “their” and “preformances”. O.o as Zoe would say. Oh, but she correctly used irises for the colored part of the eye, and pupil for the hole in the center, and for that I will forgive much! Way too many people use “pupil” when they mean “iris” and, as a former optician, it really drives me crazy.

This creates a very unique and interesting take on vampires, or a vampire-like creature, anyway, and I think this Revenants series is going to be quite interesting. I know I’ll be watching for the next book, whenever it arrives.

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