Thursday, July 12, 2012

Scott Rhine presents: Cover reveal "Contagion of the Gods"

Contagion of the Gods is an epic historical fantasy, mixing ancient myths and legends by Scott Rhine (click the link to go to his Amazon page and find his other most excellent books). Isn't this cover gorgeous???

I had the opportunity to look at a very early version of this and, just like his excellent Temple of the Traveler, I absolutely loved it! I pestered him about it until he agreed to dust it off and fix it up and publish it! Yay! While I haven't had the chance to work on this, because I was busy with other projects, I know the folks who are and they'll do an excellent job. I'm so excited about this book! Rhine is shooting for a publication date of sometime around August 1, 2012, depending on the various factors known to all those who self-publish, and you know I'll be pimping it when it comes out. A quick blurb:

Sex, violence, and Greek gods. If Pythias reads the future in the sun one more time, he could go blind. Instead he uses detective skills to solve the problems of Golden Age Athens. An epic fantasy in the vein of Gene Wolfe or Tim Powers.

The contagion of the gods is loose again. Two charming but ruthless princes engage in a titanic battle to become the next incarnation of Dionysus. A member of a secret society known as the Sons of Prometheus, Pythias must find a way to stop them or face another war that involves all the nations of the Mediterranean. A witch and a horse-legged silenus guide them through the secrets behind the Greek legends in an odyssey that travels to the fabled island of the Gorgons--the place where ancient myth meets super-science.

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