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Review: Practical Devil Worship

Practical Devil Worship
Practical Devil Worship by James Bennett

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Info: Genre: Satire/Political and Religious topcs Reading Level: Adult

Disclosure: I picked up a copy of this book free on Amazon, and am happy to provide an honest review.

Synopsis: Armageddon in a small town.

The Darkstein's. Your average American family – hardworking, patriotic and devout. The only thing that sets them apart from the God-fearing community of Goat Creek is their chosen faith.

Following the disappearance of local girl Belinda Popejoy, backwater prejudices threaten to blow the tenuous neighbourly peace apart. As tension and bigotry mount on all sides, and private vendettas boil over, the Darkstein's will have to rely on the luck of the devil in order to survive…

My Thoughts: This book will probably offend the heck out of a lot of people, but I absolutely loved it. The Darksteins are, from my understanding of Satanism, pretty average Satan-worshippers, although sacrifice of living creatures is not a requirement. Satanism, as created by Anton LeVay, is just secular humanism given a name that was designed to freak out anyone close-minded enough not to do a little research into the topic. And many of the residents of Goat Creek are pretty close-minded. Of course, I could see the happenings in this book taking place in almost any small town I’ve ever been in or heard of, sadly.

I don’t want to turn my review into a platform for lecturing on freedom of religion, but that is what freedom of religion is all about – truly having the freedom to worship, or not worship, as you please as long as you don’t hurt anyone else in the process. And the Darksteins are some of the kindest people in that nasty little town – them and their wonderful neighbor, Adele Jackson, also known as Mrs. Shor’nuff.

Anyone interested in freedom of religion, alternative means of worship, or simply a well-told story addressing these issues, should enjoy Practical Devil Worship (For all the Family). Highly recommended.

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