Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Review: Fang Me

Fang Me
Fang Me by Parker Blue

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Info: Genre: YA Fantasy/Vampires, Demons Reading Level: YA

Disclosure: I received a special 3-in-1 eGalley review copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis: The vampires want it. The demons want it, too. And someone is willing to kill Val for it. Val and Fang have to find the powerful Encyclopedia Magicka before either of San Antonio's warring underworld factions locate it or the consequences will be deadly for the entire city. As usual, Val's vampire enemies (they still call her The Slayer) want her dead. Even some of her fellow demons may be less than trustworthy, since they'd like to grab the legendary book of spells before she does. Val has a personal claim to the Encyclopedia--her demon father left it to her when he died--but someone stole it recently. And that can't be good. Battling vamps and dodging demons, Val struggles to unravel the mystery and find the thief. At the same time, she's fighting her attraction to sweet, sexy Shade--her favorite shadow demon. Rumor has it that Val will lose her part-demon, vampire-fighting powers if she gives herself to him. With a crowd of vamps and demons out to trick her or kill her, it's not a good time for her to risk her job as the city's best vampire hunter by falling in love. The stakes are high and aimed right at her heart. But Lola, Val's hungry little lust demon, doesn't like being denied. Will Lola finally get her way? What's a part-lust-demon-teen supposed to do? Whatever it takes.

My Thoughts: Totally awesome, and now I definitely want to read the next book! I love the continuing growth that Val is going through, and while not all the changes are necessarily good ones (or at least, not necessarily to her benefit), they are all a necessary part of her growing up and growing into the person she needs to be become. Also, I’m seriously hoping for hellhound puppies in Make Me.

Trevor was quite a character. At the denouement, I made a big, loud “ah haa ha HAH,” which annoyed my husband, who was trying to get to sleep. Well, as I assured him, it was a moment that was very much worth that exclamation. I loved the addition of the Wiccan women into the group, and hope we’ll see more of them in the next book as well (and I know they’re hoping for hellhound puppies as well).

A really great book in a really fun series - I love the mixture of light-heartedness and action, reality and grit all mixed up together. Highly recommended!

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