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Free on Amazon "Starry Starry Night" by David (D.J.) Israel

Starry Starry Night by David (D.J.) Israel

See my 4-star review here. Now you can pick up your own copy, free!

In September of 1963, an elite group of famous Texas oilmen met in secret in North Dallas. Their agenda was to discuss how to get rid of President John F. Kennedy. The young charismatic President had proposed a new agenda that involved removing tax breaks for the oil industry to fund social programs for the poor. A surprise visit by Vice President Jackson accelerates a conspiracy that leads to the ultimate assassination of President Kennedy.

Forty seven years later, a new African American President, by the name of Everett Lincoln finds himself in the cross hairs of an organization called the International Petroleum Institute. Prices for gasoline are nearing the five and six dollar a gallon level. A ruthless man by the name of Gerald Smiley controls the oil industry and the price of oil. Smiley is very protective of the high price of oil and sees Everett Lincoln as a problem. Lincoln is popular with the public because he is questioning the high cost of a barrel of oil and distrusts the oil companies.

The world of Gerald Smiley is suddenly rocked to the hilt when it is accidentally discovered that oil is a reoccurring substance. The Oil companies have known this information for years and have deliberately created oil shortages to pump up the price of oil. Gerald Smiley will do anything to protect to his bottom line including murder, blackmail, slander and assassination. Smiley has Dr. Tom England and Marilyn Lassiter murdered to protect the secret of no oil shortage.

A. J. Lassiter is a former Homicide Detective with the Dallas County Sheriff's office. Lassiter is now a Messianic Rabbi in Tarrant County trying to forget the abduction disappearance of his younger sister, Marilyn and the untimely death of his parents. A phone call from his former partner, Paul Murphy plunges Lassiter into the midst of a conspiracy. Murphy informs Lassiter that the body of his sister Marilyn has been found in the Trinity River bottoms in a shallow grave.

Lassiter and Murphy investigate Marilyn's murder and discover who really killed President Kennedy. The two men must act fast or history will repeat itself as the current President Lincoln will meet the same fate as the former President Lincoln.

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  1. Looks just great Katy,

    It is nice to see someone with integrity for a change. An absence of integrity is the absolute assurance of chaos, turmoil and apathy.

    D. J. Israel

    1. I always try to do what I say I will - sometimes it'll take me awhile, but I always try to get to it :-) Sorry I didn't post it earlier, but last night I saw some stuff on-line that really upset me and I went sort of off-the-wall for awhile, and finally just went to sleep - and slept a LONG time. :-)

    2. You deserve a rest. You can only percolate on adrenalin for so long before you crater. Here a couple of quotes I thought you would get a kick out of: These actually came from my Father:

      " Time heals all wounds and it also wounds all heels."

      " In this world there are more Horses A_ _ es than there are actually horses."

      D. J.


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