Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tell me Something Tuesday

Tell me Something Tuesday is a weekly meme from the Cambria Hebert blog. If you decide to play along, do be sure to stop by and fill out the Mr. Linky here.

This week's TMST question is:
Tell Me Something:

If you could be any animal, which would you be?

As Cambria says in her blog, it's not an easy question - there's so many things I would love to experience. But based on my own observations, I think my choice would be:

A Housecat! Housecats don't have to worry about hunting - they have food and water provided and are pampered and coddled (or at least mine are!).

They get to lay around all day and not worry, plus sometimes they get catnip!!

There you have it! Plus several pictures of my own adorable cats. Finally, Fluff says: Don't worry, be happy!


  1. Cute! so very cute! Great answer, Katy! I agree being a house cat would be a great life. :)

    1. *laugh* And did you like how I managed to have Tiger (the spotted one) making a silly face in each picture? He's a real ham on the camera - we have dozens of pictures of him.

  2. Yes, a house cat would be a fabulous life. Just laying around and looking cute would be a dream come true! thanks for joining in!


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