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Review: Lost Daughters

Lost Daughters
Lost Daughters by J.M. Redmann

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Info: Genre: Detective/Lesbian Noir Reading Level: Adult

Disclosure: I received a free copy of book 7 in this series in exchange for an honest review. I purchased the rest of the books in the series myself, so am under no particular obligation, but am happy to provide an honest review.

Synopsis: Micky takes on the cases of a widowed mother looking for her daughter and a tough gay boy hunting for his biological mother. Together they stir in Micky a desire to search for her own mother, who abandoned her when she was a young girl.

When a young woman patient is murdered at her lover's clinic it seems to be just a bizarre coincidence. But when another woman, also a patient, is murdered, these events reveal the frightening possibility that they are more than just random chances. Even more alarming, the killer seems to know too much about the victims. As the killer circles ever closer to Micky -- and the lost daughter she is trying to reconnect to her mother -- the coincidences become a grisly reality: the one characteristic all the victims share is that they dare to love other women.

My Thoughts: This seems on the surface to share certain plot elements with book 2 – the murders occurring at the clinic being frighteningly similar to those made to look at botched abortions. However, the books are very different. The focus in the books is very much on reuniting mothers and daughters – Lorraine and her mother, Bourban St. Ann (a drag queen) with his/hers, and finally, Micky’s search for her own mother. It was rather poignant, as I’m adopted myself and have considered many times whether I should try to find my birth mother or not.

Micky’s friends were very much on the periphery again in this book, which takes place 3 years after the previous book – unlike the first three, which all take place within about a year. We don’t even see very much of Cordelia, who is very busy being a doctor. However, the book was riveting and I read it through as quickly as I could, only stopping for a brief nap when I got too tired to see straight. Highly recommended.

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