Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Movie Review: Hot Fuzz

from Jan. 2009...
Hot Fuzz movie review
5 out of 5 stars

When Sgt. Angel arrives in sleepy Sanford, he is absolutely appalled - the very first night he rounds up "most the town, there" as underage drinkers, a drunk-driver and other petty behaviour occurs around him, and he tramps them all into jail. Heralding his own arrival in this manner does not necessarily grant him an easy entrance into the camaraderie that the rest of the force share, especially "the Andies" (played by Paddy Considine and Rafe Spall), who constantly twit him and smart off to him and generally make his life miserable (and do those guys REALLY talk like that, or were they just making a silly voice for this movie?). The drunk driver (Nick Frost), yclept Danny, turns out to be the son of the Inspector (Jim Broadbent), and, of course, Danny wants to be just like this "big city" policeman. For Danny, watching buddy-cop movies is his passion and pass-time, so he has somewhat skewed perceptions of the reality of police work in the "big city."

However, shortly after Angel arrives, bodies start to show up. It certainly appears they are accidental deaths, but Angel - being the suspicious sort - isn't very trusting, especially when it comes to that sort of thing - and begins to get suspicious. His suspicions are especially aroused by the owner of the local supermarket (Tim Dalton), who is always wandering around making creepy small talk to people; for instance "Why, I bet if we took your head off, we'd find all kinds of interesting things inside ..."

He becomes even more suspicious as the "accidents" become more and more unlikely. Finally, he discovers that things in the sleepy 'burg of Sanford are not at all as they seem ... but is it too late for him?

An absolutely wonderful movie, lots of wonderfully dry British humour - the sort of thing you have to just sit back and goggle over, it's so wonderful. The scene with the woman who owns the nursery is so wonderfully funny that I have to wonder how many takes it took to get it right, because she and/or Pegg had to have been cracking up every few sentences, with so many "God rest him/her/thems" scattered throughout it. A fun game to play (no fair looking at IMDB to find the answers!) is "Spot the uncredited, hidden celebrity in the extras!" Can YOU find Cate Blanchett? Peter Jackson? Steve Coogans? Peter Wild? Garth Jennings? etc. ...

So ... get this movie. Watch it repeatedly until you can quote it at length in your sleep. Love it like your child. It will be your friend when you have no other friends (probably because all you do is watch this movie and forget to bathe, but ... meh ... who needs friends when you have Hot Fuzz, right??)!


  1. This kinda matches my feelings, I love this film almost as much as Shaun of the Dead. If you like this catch Nick Frost in Hyperdrive!

    1. *laugh* I liked "Shaun of the Dead," but this really was more "my" type of movie. I'll check out "Hyperdrive" if I can find it!


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