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Review: Sirius Academy

Sirius Academy
Sirius Academy by Scott Rhine

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Genre: Science Fiction Reading Level: Young Adult

Disclosure: I edited this book; I am not receiving any payment based upon sales

Synopsis: At sixteen, Mira realizes her dream of attending the prestigious South Pacific UN astronaut school, Sirius Academy. Heiress, prodigy, pilot, and psi talent, Mira kicks butt from the first day. However, she can’t figure out how to make boys like her—making them cry is easy. To lead a team to the alien artifact that her mother discovered, Mira has to convince the Academy that she’s the only chance to unlock the alien secrets before they vanish. First, Mira has to overcome sexist students, narrow-minded faculty, kidnappers, and a tenacious aunt who wants her out of the program. Her adviser, Zeiss, can be useful when he isn’t plastering top-secret space photos on his ceiling or hunting terrorists.

Fans of Numbers and Ender’s Game will enjoy this face-paced sequel to Jezebel’s Ladder.

My Thoughts: Sirius Academy is a really fun book - I kept forgetting I was supposed to be editing because I would get so caught up in the action. Mira is a difficult character to love, as she's spoiled, self-indulgent, self-centered, and constantly needs to be the boss. But as you get to know her, you understand where she's coming from - this kid has not had an easy life, and she's under a great deal of pressure. She has to be the one to go to the Eye in the Sky - there is no other option - and she is aware of that; this is why she is always pushing. As is mentioned by one of the characters, Mira is missing some of the pack instinct that is necessary to get along with people, but inside she has a good heart.

Rhine is focused on the science - you can be sure that whatever he is writing about, he has researched and does his best to present in a realistic light. If you enjoyed Jezebel's Ladder, you won't want to miss this one. If you enjoy sci-fi and tech geek, you'll love it. Don't miss it - it's awesome!

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