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Review: Matters of Mortology

Matters of Mortology
Matters of Mortology by T.M. Camp

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Info: Genre: Horror Reading Level: Adult

Disclosure: I received a signed paperback copy in a giveaway from the Alchemy of Scrawl blog; although there was no expectation, I think it is only fair to provide an honest review.

Synopsis: Alone in a crumbling manor, an aging undertaker recounts a horrifying episode from the early days of his career. When an unspeakable monster trespasses the border between life and death, the undertaker finds himself in a struggle to save the village he has sworn to serve – even if it means sacrificing his own family and faith in the process.

My Thoughts: First of all, thanks to Coral Russell, who runs the blog Alchemy of Scrawl, for the giveaway in which I won this fascinating book; and thanks to the author for providing a signed copy of his book for this giveaway. If there is one thing I love to collect, it is signed copies of books!

This book is very strange. As I read the book, I wondered where it was supposed to be set – my final thought on that matter is that while the world is very similar to our own, it is not, in fact, the world in which we live. Another thing that confuses me is how, if morticians are not supposed to have contact with women who are of child-bearing years, did the narrator’s father end up with two children? Because it is specifically mentioned that his children were born after he became a mortician... I suppose there must be some sort of rituals involved, as the narrator later discusses some of the reasons he chooses to remain alone rather than find a wife.

What I can say is that while the book is strange, it is also strangely beautiful, the language often very much like poetry, and with a building sense of dread. The small village setting very realistically creates the feeling of a small-town environment – something with which I am very much familiar, having grown up in such a place. I loved the book; if I hadn’t been busy editing for most of the week, I probably would have devoured it in just a few hours – you were right, Coral! Horror aficionados will love this; those who enjoy a beautifully written book will likewise. Highly recommended.

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