Saturday, May 26, 2012

Review: Death of a Dying Man

Death of a Dying Man
Death of a Dying Man by J.M. Redmann

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Info: Genre: Detective/Lesbian Noir Reading Level: Adult

Disclosure: I received a free copy of book 7 in this series in exchange for an honest review. I purchased the rest of the books in the series myself, so am under no particular obligation, but am happy to provide an honest review.

Synopsis: New Orleans PI Micky Knight just had to get into a butch pissing contest with the journalist partner of a famous doctor working with her lover, Cordelia James. Micky's insistence that the skills of a reporter are of no use to a PI backfires, and now she's stuck with a drop-dead gorgeous assistant and the case of a dying gay man looking for a child he might have fathered. These chains of events-and an act of nature-will tear Micky's life apart in ways that may never be put back together. 

My Thoughts: This book takes place in 2005, and over 6 years after the events of the previous book. It focuses heavily on destruction and desperation: the destruction caused by Katrina, the destruction caused by trust betrayed, the desperation of people who are over their heads and trying to hold on. It is very much how I define noir – dark, difficult, and beautifully written.

Again, Micky’s friends are in the background, if they’re witnessed at all. Focus is placed more upon Lauren and Shannon and their interactions with Micky and Cordelia. With just two books left to read in this series, I’m hoping the focus will come back to Micky’s friends and their interactions and way of working together, but I guess we’ll see what happens. At any event, I enjoyed the book a great deal and if you enjoy romantic suspense and are not bothered by lesbian protagonists, then you should enjoy it too.

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