Friday, November 30, 2012

Keith Rommel's "The Cursed Man" being considered for a movie!

Back in September 2011, before I started blogging, I read and reviewed Keith Rommel's wonderful book The Cursed Man. I recently updated the review to add my disclosure and formatting, so you can view it here. You may remember that I had Mr. Rommel on the blog earlier this year with a tour post and guest post (which you can view by clicking the links) for the second book in that series, The Lurking Man.

Well, I have just learned that he is in the process of auditioning people for a possible movie! You can view the auditions at this link, this link, this link, or this link. My apologies for all the links, but I have no idea how to embed Vimeo videos. Anyway, I thought I would help to spread the word, because this is very cool! Have fun checking out all these nifty things!

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