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Review: Cobweb Empire

Cobweb Empire
Cobweb Empire by Vera Nazarian

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Info: Genre: Pseudo-historical Fantasy
Reading Level: Upper Young Adult
Recommended for: those interested in Persephone/Demeter mythology, alternate history, well-told fantasy stories
Trigger Warnings: murder, suicide, war

My Thoughts: This is the continuation of the Cobweb Bride trilogy, the first book of which I read in July. It is a pseudo-historical fantasy set during the Renaissance, although not strictly historically accurate (thus the fantasy aspect). It cleverly recreates the Persephone myth and twists it around a bit, which I find to be fascinating in the extreme, and with Vera Nazarian's deft touch and excellent writing, this series is one anyone interested in the Persephone/Demester story, or alternate history, or well-done fantasy will enjoy.

I really enjoy Grial, she's just a hoot. Here is an example of the sorts of things she tends to say, from a conversation she is having with Lord Beltain.
“But if you ask me, every time seems strange and dark,” Grial said, “when you are living smack in the middle of it. It's only much later, afterwards, once you've lived long enough to look back, that you can start to see both the bright colors and the dark spots properly—and sometimes, you even see polka dots and clubs and diamonds and even hearts—and yes, a very common thing, you do get to see these pesky little string floaters in your eye! In any case, age is nothing more than the acquisition of Temporal Perspective! Oh, and rheumatism too, I must add.”
She does have a tendency to go a bit off topic, which I found absolutely disarming. All the characters are distinct without being cliché, and each is a fascinating character study onto themselves for someone who is interested in seeing that sort of thing.

I'm very much looking forward to the third book of this trilogy, which I hope will be coming out very soon. If this book sounds like something you would like, don't hesitate to pick it up, but also don't forget this is the second book in the series and you will need to read the first book first. Highly recommended.

Series Information: The Cobweb Bride Trilogy
Book 1: Cobweb Bride, review linked here
Book 2: Cobweb Empire
Book 3: Cobweb Forest, release date TBA

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this e-book from the author. No review was specifically requested, but I'm happy to provide an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Synopsis: In a world where no one can die, she alone can kill... 

Cobweb Empire
 (Cobweb Bride Trilogy #2) is the second book of the intricate epic fantasy flavored by Renaissance history and the romantic myth of Persephone, about death's ultimatum to the world.

Now that she's Death's Champion, what will Percy do?

In a world where all death and dying has ceased, and only one person can kill, everyone can only expect a miracle. But what if it's just the tip of the iceberg?

Percy Ayren must make her way south, despite all odds, to the place where the death shadow of the Cobweb Bride calls her. With the help of her companions and the invincible black knight, Lord Beltain Chidair, whose enigmatic presence disturbs her in a way she cannot explain, Percy must continue her quest, while the mortal world falls apart around them….

Meanwhile, the Marquis Vlau Fiomarre faces the truth of his impossible feelings for Claere Liguon, the Emperor’s daughter. He had cruelly taken her life, and now he must serve her until his last dying breath—it is no longer a matter of honor but secret passion.

And now, the world itself is changing…. A new dark witch rises, and she will make your heart freeze with her beauty and power….

Empires clash, kings and emperors and gods vie for supremacy, the living and the dead are at war, while love stories play out in amazing directions, and new mind-blowing mysteries are born.

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