Saturday, March 31, 2012

RCC wrap-up

Well as I suspected, I went backward. I read 32 books this month, and I won't bother listing them all here - you can see them to the right toward the bottom where there is a listing of many of my old posts - but I added even more to my To Be Reviewed shelf, leaving me with (at this moment) a staggering 554 books to read and review.


And to make things worse, I'm planning to use April to read a few of the books I want to read that aren't on my "To Be Reviewed" shelf - I'll still read a few that require reviews, because I've promised to do so, but I have so many of my personal favorites I'm falling behind on that I want to get to them.

So, that's March. I might get another book up yet today, we'll see. Watch for a few book reveals in the upcoming month, and a couple giveaways! March is going out like a lion - then again, it came in like a lion, so who knows what April showers will bring? Tah!

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