Friday, March 9, 2012

RCC Challenge #2 - Cuddle up with a Book

I usually read while sitting in bed, as there really isn't anyplace else inside to sit. Sometimes when the weather is nice I'll sit on the back porch in the sun.

For this challenge, I have, so far, cuddled up with the following books (links to the review):
The Book of Lost Fragrances
Devil of a Ghost Tour
Key to a Haunting
Playing with Fire
Grave Mercy
Staff of Sakatha
Voices of the Dead
Blue Monday
Gods and Fathers

Of course, I've added a number to my To Be Reviewed Shelf, so I've actually gone backwards and now have 539 books to be reviewed ... Pretty sad, huh?

Oh, and I'm 70% finished with my current book: The Best SciFi & Fantasy of the Year Vol. 6, so stay tuned for that review coming up.

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