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Review: A Perfect Blood

A Perfect Blood
A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Please note: Originally read in January 2012 from a copy received from Amazon Vine in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
Trigger Warnings: Hate group, hate speech.

My Synopsis: Rachel has had her shunning reversed by the coven, but since she has also officially declared herself a demon, things aren't exactly going her way - she has no official or legal standing as a citizen and that is making her life difficult. She can't get a license or registration for her new car, she can't have a bank account or credit cards, Social Security considers her to be dead ... so, of course, now is a perfect time for some loony to be running around trying to turn people into demons. I.S. calls Rachel in to try to find the people behind the scheme - or, if she is unsuccessful, to take the blame. Being a demon isn't all it's said to be ... Can Rachel find who is committing these atrocities and clear her name ... again?

My Thoughts: One thing I love about the Hollows series is that it remains fresh - Harrison seems to continually find new and inventive ways to make Rachel's life difficult. I loved this book, but there were parts of it that I had difficulty reading, as there is a hate group that is integral to the plot - and they are nasty. They consider Inderlanders to be nothing but animals, not even sentient, and treat them worse than they would treat a dog and reading that vitriol almost made me physically sick. It makes me wonder what is wrong with people, that they can be like that - and I certainly know that people can be like that. So, issues of hate and hate groups play a big part in this book, and if you think that will bother you - if you are a very sensitive soul - you should be sure you are in a strong frame of mind when you are reading this. Highly recommended!

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